Zia in the Woods

A Childrens Book Full of Fun and Adventure


Zia is an adventurous girl, up for any challenge. Her home, a great forest, is a beautiful place, full of new experiences. When she is challenged to a most unusual race, she must use her wit and cunning to win.
Victoria Grace Elliot's bright and fantastical style gives life to this world, and the playful creatures within. This story of meeting any challenge head-on is sure to delight and entertain kids of all ages.

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About the Authors

Victoria Grace Elliott is an illustrator and storyteller whose passion is in expansive, long-form comics. Her work gives a sense of depth and detail without compromising any of its whimsy or magic. More of her stories can be read at Balderdash Comics and House of Orr.


Jimmy Vallandingham is a father of a fearless girl whose name happens to be "Zia". Her unbridled energy provides the fodder for an untold number of stories showcasing her adventures.